1. The title track of Stella Chronopoulou’s 2022 LP on Sub Pop, which draws inspiration from Greek folk (and other things). A Steve M nomination.
  2. The epic opener to 2003’s LP Pshychic on V2 Records – the Japanese rockers’ 5th LP. Nominated by mondosalvo.
  3. An early single from the Australian banger-monger which can also be found on his 2007 debut Guns Babes Lemonade. An anonymous nomination! (EDIT: No longer anonymous! It’s commenter Smoothbrain!)
  4. A standout from the Norwegian Idol graduate’s 2006 LP, Pretty Scary Silver Fairy. Nominated by actualeesimpson.

ΣTELLA“Up And Away” (YouTube)

BUFFALO DAUGHTER – “Cyclic” (YouTube)

MUSCLES – “Sweaty” (YouTube)

MARGARET BERGER – “Robot Song” (YouTube)

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