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Modern Qualifier 36 – Solange, Peaches, Mitski, Broadcast
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These are all Bracket Balancers – to be specific, the Top 4 BBs you voted for! All from years we’re not likely to poll in the near future.

  1. Standout track from 2016’s A Seat At The Table.
  2. Breakthrough single from 2000’s The Teaches Of Peaches.
  3. Lead single from 2016’s Puberty 2.
  4. Lead single from 2000’s The Noise Made By People.

SOLANGE - "Cranes In The Sky" (YouTube)

PEACHES - "Fuck The Pain Away" (YouTube)

MITSKI - "Your Best American Girl" (YouTube)

BROADCAST - "Come On Let's Go" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 37 – CURATED by Dan C!
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A Curated Group by Dan C aka @dc_goblue on Twitter. Can you guess its theme?

  1. From the late Memphis rapper’s 2011 mixtape, High Class Street Music.
  2. The Atlanta MC’s breakthrough single from 2006’s Best Thang Smokin’.
  3. Commercial debut and breakthrough single for another Atlanta star, from 2014.
  4. The Nashville rapper included this on his 2007 Buck The World LP.
Qualifier M37: CURATED by Dan C

YOUNG DOLPH - "Preach" (YouTube)

YOUNG DRO - "Shoulder Lean" (YouTube)

YOUNG THUG - "Stoner" (YouTube)

YOUNG BUCK - "Get Buck" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 38 – CURATED by Patrick Van D!
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Our second Curated Group today comes from Patrick Van D and I don’t think it’s themed, just a collection of faves!

  1. The final release from the Scottish indie legends (well, before they reformed). A website-only track from 2003, I believe!
  2. Track from the Portland band’s 2004 second album, Fuckin’ A.
  3. The Canadian rockers’ lead single from 2012’s Celebration Rock LP.
  4. From the score for Wayne MacGregor’s AutoBIOgraphy dance performance, released in 2018.
Qualifier M38: CURATED by Patrick Van D

BIS - "Today Of All Days" (YouTube)

THE THERMALS - "How We Know" (YouTube)

JAPANDROIDS - "The House That Heaven Built" (YouTube)

JLIN - "The Abyss Of Doubt" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 39 – LP, Eleanor Friedberger, Jason Isbell, Pearl Charles
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  1. Title track from the singer-songwriter’s first major label EP, in 2012. Nominated by Julia H.
  2. From the former Fiery Furnace’s 2011 solo debut, Last Summer. Nominated by Robert K.
  3. From the Metallica Blacklist box set of cover versions. Nominated by Matt L.
  4. Opening track from the LA singer-songwriter’s 2021 LP Magic Mirror. Nominated by Dan PM.

LP - "Into The Wild (Live At Eastwest Studios)" (YouTube)

ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER - "My Mistakes" (YouTube)

JASON ISBELL AND THE 400 UNIT - "Sad But True" (YouTube)

PEARL CHARLES - "Only For Tonight" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 40 – BLK JKS, MC Loma, Machinedrum, Most Chill Slackmob
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  1. From the South African rock band’s 2009 full-length debut After Robots. Nominated by stabilimentum.
  2. A 2019 single by the teenage Pernambuco MC. Nominated by Frank K.
  3. From the 2015 compilation Movin’ Forward, in tribute to the late footwork producer MC Rashad. Nominated by James E.
  4. From the LA hip-hop crew’s 2004 LP Urban Mind Expansion. Nominated by hellonfriscobay.

BLK JKS - "Molalatladi" (YouTube)

LOMA E AS GEMEAS LACRACAO - "Quero Em Dobro" (YouTube)

MACHINEDRUM - "SeeSea (DJ Rashad & Taso Remix)" (YouTube)

MOST CHILL SLACKMOB - "One Step" (YouTube)

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Modern Day 8 Playlists
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It’s the final week of Modern Qualifiers! Today we’ve got a particularly gruesome Bracket Balancer headline group, a couple of cracking Curated Groups and a further venture into the Low Shazam Zone. Best get on with it eh?


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