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Modern Qualifier 6 – HIGH SKY BOOM LOVER
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  1. The Hippie Sabotage remix of “Habits (Stay High)”, which charted in 2014, a year after the original. This is a Bracket Balancer.
  2. Chart hit from 2020’s Plastic Hearts. This is also a Bracket Balancer!
  3. Charli’s biggest solo hit (I believe!) from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack in 2014. Nominated by The Arn.
  4. Title track of the superstar’s 7th album, from 2019. Nominated by Natalie G.

TOVE LO - "Stay High - Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix)" (YouTube)

MILEY CYRUS - "Midnight Sky" (YouTube)

CHARLI XCX - "Boom Clap" (YouTube)

TAYLOR SWIFT - "Lover" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 7 – CURATED by Mitchell S
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This curated group comes from Mitchell S who writes The Run Out Grooves, a newsletter about the closing tracks of LPs. That is not the theme of this group, which is an all-2010s transmission from a parallel poll universe where we did the 5 Letter Words Wordle Cup.

  1. Single from 2012’s The Haunted Man LP, the English singer-songwriter-producer’s third.
  2. Quasi-title track from the modern post-punkers’ 2nd album, 2016’s Adore Life.
  3. From St Vincent’s 3rd LP, 2011’s highly-acclaimed Strange Mercy.
  4. Opening track to the dream-poppers’ 2010 LP Teen Dream
Qualifier M7: CURATED by Mitchell S!

BAT FOR LASHES - "Laura" (YouTube)

SAVAGES - "Adore" (YouTube)

ST VINCENT - "Cruel" (YouTube)

BEACH HOUSE - "Zebra" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 8 – CURATED by Jel
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A curated group from Jel – I believe there’s no specific theme here!

  1. Culture-clash collaboration from 2011’s Disney/Pixar movie Cars 2.
  2. A deep cut (or as deep as cuts from multi-platinum LPs get) from 2002’s Let Go.
  3. Our first 2023 track, from the symphonic power metallers’ latest LP, At The Heart Of Wintervale.
  4. Closing track from the glam metal legends’ 2002 opus Hollyweird (YOUTUBE ONLY)
Qualifier M8: CURATED by Jel!

ROBBIE WILLIAMS & BRAD PAISLEY - "Collision Of Worlds" (YouTube)

AVRIL LAVIGNE - "Anything But Ordinary" (YouTube)

TWILIGHT FORCE - "Sunlight Knight" (YouTube)

POISON - "Home (CC's Story)" (YouTube)

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  1. Single from the Irish musician’s debut LP, See Sew, from 2008. Nominated by Tamara B.
  2. The TikTok star and songwriter included this on 2022’s Poetic License EP. Nominated by Mic W.
  3. Single from the lo-fi musician’s 9th album, God Save The Animals, also from 2022. Nominated by Neal D.
  4. One-off single collaboration between artist KAYE and Glee star Darren Criss, from 2011. Nominated by grapefruitzzz. (YOUTUBE ONLY)

LISA HANNIGAN - "I Don't Know" (YouTube)

J MAYA - "Library Card" (YouTube)

ALEX G - "Miracles" (YouTube)

CHARLENE KAYE - "Dress And Tie" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 10 – CURATED by Tom E
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A curated group by Tom E (hey that’s me!) mixing late UK garage, early grime and grime novelties.

  1. Ragga-garage 2002 single produced by Sticky. The only one to get any sort of official release.
  2. JME extemporises on the theme of Pokemon, from 2015. (YOUTUBE ONLY)
  3. White Label 12″ from 2003 from members of N.A.S.T.Y. Crew, much circulated on MP3 in the “blog era”. (YOUTUBE ONLY)
  4. Viral paean to Southern Fried Chicken’s meal deal. (YOUTUBE ONLY)
Qualifier M10: CURATED by Tom E!

STUSH - "Dollar Sign" (YouTube)

JME - "The Very Best" (YouTube)

JAMMER ft D DOUBLE E - "Birds In The Sky" (YouTube)

RED HOT ENTERTAINMENT - "Junior Spesh" (YouTube)

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Modern Poll Day 2 Playlists
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Playlist time for today’s matches, with more titans clashing in the headline group and no less than 3 Curated Groups too. One quirk of today is that a lot of tracks – 5 out of 20! – are only in the YT playlist.

In the comments to this post there’s an update on some current site issues/glitches…

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