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What Is A People’s Pop Poll (And Can We Eat It)?
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It’s been suggested a quick INTRO and UPDATE post would be helpful here!

This is the blog homepage for the People’s Pop Polls. These are regular (roughly monthly) themed music tournaments. People nominate tracks, I arrange them into groups, everyone votes on them and discusses the songs. It’s fun!

The polls have generally run on Twitter. I recently tried to move them off Twitter and it’s proved difficult for a bunch of reasons. So the tournament style polls are moving back to Twitter for now.

The current poll is the CHARITY CRUSHER. This was an unthemed poll in which people could nominate anything they liked to raise money for ActionAid and the Ruth Hayman Trust. We raised over £3200 and got over 400 tracks to poll. That’s too many for a normal poll so I’ve split it into two sections, ANCIENT and MODERN. The Ancient poll is anything released before the year 2000, the Modern is anything released in 2000 or since.

We’ve just finished doing the Modern Qualifiers (opening round) on this site, and now we’ll do the Ancient Qualifiers on Twitter.

After the Charity Crusher polls finish we’ll go back to the theme polls. The first two of these will be LATE WORK (tracks released in the 25th year or later of an artist’s career) and the year 2015.

Meanwhile on here we’ll be running the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY TRACKS, a more leisurely poll taking advantage of the things we can’t do on Twitter but can on a blog. I’ll be opening player slots for this later in the week.

For a history of the polls and a lot more detail on how they work go here.

For a complete list of what’s qualified so far in the current poll go here.

And here’s the playlist for the entire Ancient poll (not in match order)

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