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Curatorfest Qualifier 2! CURATED by Katie G
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The theme of this qualifier is of course BOATS, put together by Twitter’s Katie G.

Stan Rogers is from 1976 and will enter Round 1 of our ANCIENT poll if he makes it – the rest are all MODERN. “Wolves Of The Sea” is not on the Spotify playlist and is also Latvia’s 2008 entry for Eurovision!

RESULTS: Stan Rogers does indeed enter ANCIENT Round 1. Little Big Town sneaks into MODERN Round 1 by a single vote!

Qualifier C2! Curated by Katie G

STAN ROGERS - "Barrett's Privateers" (YouTube)

HEATHER DALE - "The Prydwen Sails Again" (YouTube)

LITTLE BIG TOWN - "Pontoon" (YouTube)

PIRATES OF THE SEA - "Wolves Of The Sea" (YouTube)

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The poll has expired!

Curatorfest Qualifier 1! CURATED by Adrian R
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A group from Adrian R, themed around (I believe!) Duckie nightclub bangers.

All singles – Frankie Valli is from 1972, Grandmaster Flash from 1982, Pet Shop Boys from 1986 and Girl Aloud from 2005.

RESULTS: Grandmaster Flash qualifies for ANCIENT Round 1. Girls Aloud go through to MODERN Round 1.

Qualifier C1! Curated by Adrian R

FRANKIE VALLI - "The Night" (YouTube)

GRANDMASTER FLASH AND MELLE MEL - "White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)" (YouTube)

PET SHOP BOYS - "Suburbia" (YouTube)

GIRLS ALOUD - "Biology" (YouTube)

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The poll has expired!

Welcome Back My Friends To The Poll That Never Ends
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For the last few months the People’s Pop Polls have existed under the shadow of Elon Musk’s godawful new Twitter, and I’ve been promising an off-Twitter future on a new site.

That day has arrived!

We’re starting off the CHARITY CRUSHER POLLS today – tracks nominated via donation to two excellent charities, ActionAid and The Ruth Hayman Trust. I offered an option for people nominating four tracks to have them all in the same group, and we’re starting off with 13 of those CURATED GROUPS over three days.

There are likely to be all sorts of tweaks we make but the biggest changes to point out are these:

First, we’ve set up authentication by Twitter, so you should be able to log in, vote and comment easily.

Second, there’s now a link which takes you to ALL currently unfinished polls, which should make catching up very easy at any point.

Other than that, do let me know any issues, and we can work them out and get things running smoothly over the next few weeks. The Twitter account itself will stay active, linking to the polls and posting playlists (which will also be available here).

Happy polling!

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Here are the playlists for the Charity Crusher Curatorfest! 13 groups of specially selected tunes to vote on during the preliminary round of the Charity Poll. Here’s Spotify:

And here’s YouTube:

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