A curated group by Tom E (hey that’s me!) mixing late UK garage, early grime and grime novelties.

  1. Ragga-garage 2002 single produced by Sticky. The only one to get any sort of official release.
  2. JME extemporises on the theme of Pokemon, from 2015. (YOUTUBE ONLY)
  3. White Label 12″ from 2003 from members of N.A.S.T.Y. Crew, much circulated on MP3 in the “blog era”. (YOUTUBE ONLY)
  4. Viral paean to Southern Fried Chicken’s meal deal. (YOUTUBE ONLY)
Qualifier M10: CURATED by Tom E!

STUSH – “Dollar Sign” (YouTube)

JME – “The Very Best” (YouTube)

JAMMER ft D DOUBLE E – “Birds In The Sky” (YouTube)

RED HOT ENTERTAINMENT – “Junior Spesh” (YouTube)

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