1. California rapper The BoyBoy West Coast hit viral fame on TikTok with this 2019 release. Nominated by jacobkupp.
  2. Taken from the indie hip-hop supergroup’s 2008 EP The Gathering, this closing cut is produced by The Grouch and nominated by Daniel C.
  3. One of the biggest Asian hits of 2004 and the lead single from the Thai singer’s I Believe LP. Nominated by Jonathan B.
  4. Lisbon-based producer Bullion released this hornpipe-themed jam in 2017. It’s a Bracket Balancer.

THE BOYBOY WEST COAST – “U Was At The Club (Bottoms Up)” (YouTube)

LIVING LEGENDS – “After Hours (Euro Extended Mix)” (YouTube)

TATA YOUNG – “Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy” (YouTube)

BULLION – “Blue Pedro” (YouTube)

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