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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 7. BLACK POP HISTORY 78-81 – Playlists
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The penultimate round of the League Of Tracks is a companion to the excellent poll we’ve just been going through on the main site, exploring the work of Black musicians between 1978 and 1981, from the zenith of disco through the birth of rap on record to the first stirrings of house and techno.

256 awesome tracks is, it turns out, simply not enough, so here are 11 more. When you’re done listening, go vote in the poll post!

As usual there’s a Spotify and a YouTube playlist. Annoyingly, this time BOTH are missing songs, but they’re different ones. If you listen to the YouTube playlist you’ll get everything except Francis Bebey’s “Libreville”. I’ve moved “Libreville” to the beginning of the Spotify playlist to make it easier to catch up.

But Spotify is missing three tracks which ARE on the YouTube list, from The Romantic Noise, J Walter Negro, and Ranking Joe. So you will need both, sorry (or if you’re not on Spotify, another way to hear “Libreville”).

Spotify playlist:

And the relevant YouTube section:

Here’s what we’re listening to this time. In a League Of Tracks FIRST, we have two nominations from the same artist!

  1. FRANCIS BEBEY – “Libreville”. From 1981’s Bia So Nika. Spotify only.
  2. MELBA MOORE – “Pick Me Up, I’ll Dance”. From 1978’s Melba.
  3. BENNIE MAUPIN – “Anua”. From 1978’s Moonscapes.
  4. THE ROMANTIC NOISE – “I Fell In Love With A Baby”. A self-released 1978 single. YouTube only.
  5. PAULINHO DA COSTA – “Deja Vu”. A 1979 single on Pablo.
  6. ODYSSEY – “Use It Up And Wear It Out”. From 1980’s Hang Together.
  7. GODMOMA – “Godmoma Here”. From 1981’s Here.
  8. RANKING JOE – “Tribute To John Lennon”. From 1981’s Tribute To John Lennon. YouTube only.
  9. JIMMY ROSS – “Fall Into A Trance”. From 1981’s First Time Love Affair.
  10. J WALTER NEGRO & THE LOOSE JOINTZ – “Shoot The Pump”. A 1981 single on Zoo York Rekordz.
  11. GODMOMA – “Hands Up (Punk Funk)”. From 1981’s Here

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 6. NOT THAT ONE! – Playlists
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We’re back with another round – 11 songs chosen by our players, and you get to listen and vote for your favourites. This is the playlist post – once you’ve played the tracks go check out the POLL POST.

The theme this time is a very fun one – “NOT THAT ONE!” – songs which have famous titles you might associate with a different track. But it’s not that track, and it’s nothing to do with that track. What is it? That’s why you’re listening!

You’re strongly advised to use the YouTube playlist this week – tracks 2, 3 and 11 on it aren’t on the Spotify one.

There is a Spotify one though!

Here’s our parade of doppelgangers.

  1. MACHINEHEART ft VANIC – “Circles”: A single on Columbia (2015)
  2. LIL KIM – “Fuck You”: From the Ms. G.O.A.T. mixtape (2008)
  3. TUB-THUMPER – “Kick Out The Jams”: A single on Alaska (1974)
  4. ERICK THE ARCHITECT ft LOYLE CARNER & FARR – “Let It Go”: From the Future Proof EP (2021)
  5. PLASTISCINES – “Loser”: From LP1 (2014)
  6. KATE DAVIS – “Monster Mash”: From Fish Bowl (2023)
  7. FATBACK BAND – “Night Fever”: From Night Fever (1976)
  8. BARBARA & ERNIE – “Play With Fire”: From Prelude To… (1971)
  9. LES RYTHMES DIGITALES – “Sometimes”: From Darkdancer (1999)
  10. LOVEBITES – “Stand And Deliver”: From Judgement Day (2023)
  11. SARAH WEBSTER FABIO – “Work It Out”: From Boss Soul (1972)

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 5. 21st CENTURY CHRISTMAS – Playlists
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HO HO HO it’s the League Of Tracks CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. As his topic pic, Santa Jel chose “21st Century Christmas Records”, and our 11 nominators have brought the festive goods.

As usual this is the Playlist post, and once you’ve listened to these 11 songs – a compact stocking-full at 36 minutes – you should go vote for your favourites in the POLLS post.

For the first time all 11 tracks are on Spotify as well as YouTube so take your pick!

Our line up is:

  1. GUILLE MILKYWAY AND THE JELLY JAMM SOUND ORCHESTRA – “Holding Hands Around The World”: from the 2012 compilation A Christmas Gift For You From Elefant Records
  2. HI-5 – “…Santa Wear Your Shorts!”: from 2001’s It’s A Hi-5 Christmas
  3. NICOLE ATKINS – “Every Single Christmas”: a 2020 single!
  4. METROPOLE ORKEST ft CARO EMERALD – “Something For Christmas”: from 2017’s MO x Caro Emerald by Grandmono EP
  5. SARAH NIXEY – “Christmas Without You”: a 2012 single!
  6. THE SUPERIMPOSERS – “Chasing Christmas”: from 2011’s Christmas Again! If You Want It EP
  7. MIGHTY MARK – “What I Want For CHRISTMAS”: a 2023 single!
  8. THE X-MISSES – “She Gave Me Hell For Christmas”: from 2018’s Christmas Reminiscences
  9. KACEY MUSGRAVES & LEON BRIDGES – “Present Without A Bow”: from 2016’s A Very Kacey Christmas.
  10. IRMA THOMAS – “Christmas Without The Creole”: from the 2004 compilation Christmas Gumbo
  11. CHILLY GONZALES ft JARVIS COCKER & FEIST – “Snow Is Falling In Manhattan”: from 2020’s A Very Chilly Christmas

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 8: 2023 Playlists!
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It’s the final round of Season 1 of the League Of Extraordinary Tracks – and our 12 players have been brought bang up to date with the instruction to bring us all something from this year. Here are the Spotify and YouTube playlists so you can see what’s in their haul before voting in the poll post.

  1. Crooks And Nannies – “3AM”: from the No Fun EP.
  2. Ni’Jah ft Childish Gambino & KIRBY – “Sticky”: From the Swarm EP.
  3. Scar Lip – “This Is New York”: a single!
  4. Santi Pulvirenti – “…Fate Tiptoes To A Party”: from the soundtrack to L’Ultima Notte Di Amore
  5. Rắn Cạp Đuôi – “Straws”: from the LP *1
  6. Rose Gray – “Happiness”: a single!
  7. Brighde Chaimbeul ft Colin Stetson – “Tha Fonn Gun Bhi Trom (I Am Disposed Of Mirth)”: from the LP Carry Them With Us
  8. The Clientele – “Fables Of The Silverlink”: from the LP I Am Not There Anymore
  9. Bully – “Ms. America”: from the LP Lucky For You.
  10. Israel Fernandez ft Pional – “Al Tercer Mundo”: from the LP Pura Sangre
  11. Baiuca ft Leilia – “Vai Tu”: a single!
  12. Tiete – “Zig Zag”: a single!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 7: FOUR LETTER WORDS Playlists
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Poll fans of the universe, I am delighted to return from holiday with WEEK 7 of the League Of Extraordinary tracks! This penultimate round is all songs with four letter titles and as with the original 4 Letter Words poll I’ve arranged the playlist in straightforward alphabetical order. Both Spotify and YouTube are complete but if there are gaps where you are let me know in the comments.

Once you’ve listened to these excellent selections make your choices in the poll post.

  1. NewJeans – “ASAP”*: From 2023’s Get Up EP
  2. Natalia Lafourcade – “Azul”: From 2009’s Hu Hu Hu
  3. Lo-Fi-Fnk – “City”: From 2006’s Boylife
  4. Neneh Cherry & The Thing – “Dirt”: From 2012’s The Cherry Thing
  5. Kristin Hersh – “Hope”: From 1998’s Strange Angels
  6. The Marias – “Hush (Still Woozy Remix)”**: Remix of a track from 2021’s Cinema.
  7. Laura Jean – “June”: From 2014’s Laura Jean
  8. Asha Puthli – “Lies”: From 1973’s Asha Puthli.
  9. Pinkshift – “Mars”: From 2021’s Saccharine EP.
  10. Michelle McAdorney – “Mona”: From 2000’s Whirl.
  11. Raavi – “Nora”: From 2020’s Don’t Hit Me Up.
  12. The 2 Bears – “Work”: From 2012’s Be Strong.

*- Abbreviations are fine if they sing it as a word in the song, which NewJeans do at least once.

** Remixes are fine as long as the title change is confined to the parentheses, as here!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 6: 2008 Playlists
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This week we’re revisiting the year 2008 – a decade-and-a-half (and an extensive pop poll) behind us, how does it look and what can we still unearth? Our nominators have risen to the challenge with a dozen tracks. Two of them are either YouTube-only or only on Spotify in some territories, so don’t miss out on those! Once you’ve had a listen, go vote in the poll post.

  1. WALE – “The Opening Title Sequence” (from The Mixtape About Nothing)
  2. SPARK IS A DIAMOND – “Check Your Lease, You’re In Fuck City” (from Try This On For Size)
  3. FREE BLOOD – “Quick And Painful” (from EP1) – only on Spotify in some regions
  4. THE HELIO SEQUENCE – “Can’t Say No” (from Keep Your Eyes Open)
  5. DANEZ vs RIFHES – “See U Falling” (from Geekcore Vol.1) – not on Spotify
  6. MORGAN GEIST – “Most Of All” (from Double Night Time)
  7. LIL BOOSIE – “I Ain’t Comin’ Home Tonight” (from Lil Boosieanna)
  8. SOMEONE STILL LOVES YOU BORIS YELTSIN – “Glue Girls” (from Pershing)
  9. ROY HARGROVE – “Starmaker” (from earfood)
  10. AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB – “All My Love” (from The Golden Age)
  11. BUIKA – “No Habra Nadie En El Mundo” (from Nina De Fuego)
  12. CAMILLE – “Canards Sauvages” (from Music Hole)


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