It’s the final round of Season 1 of the League Of Extraordinary Tracks – and our 12 players have been brought bang up to date with the instruction to bring us all something from this year. Here are the Spotify and YouTube playlists so you can see what’s in their haul before voting in the poll post.

  1. Crooks And Nannies – “3AM”: from the No Fun EP.
  2. Ni’Jah ft Childish Gambino & KIRBY – “Sticky”: From the Swarm EP.
  3. Scar Lip – “This Is New York”: a single!
  4. Santi Pulvirenti – “…Fate Tiptoes To A Party”: from the soundtrack to L’Ultima Notte Di Amore
  5. Rắn Cạp Đuôi – “Straws”: from the LP *1
  6. Rose Gray – “Happiness”: a single!
  7. Brighde Chaimbeul ft Colin Stetson – “Tha Fonn Gun Bhi Trom (I Am Disposed Of Mirth)”: from the LP Carry Them With Us
  8. The Clientele – “Fables Of The Silverlink”: from the LP I Am Not There Anymore
  9. Bully – “Ms. America”: from the LP Lucky For You.
  10. Israel Fernandez ft Pional – “Al Tercer Mundo”: from the LP Pura Sangre
  11. Baiuca ft Leilia – “Vai Tu”: a single!
  12. Tiete – “Zig Zag”: a single!