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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 7: Four Letter Words RESULTS!
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First of all, apologies for the delay in posting these results – I had a big backlog of admin (and actual work!) following a bout of illness last week. Fortunately I’m feeling better now and the League can move into its final round – but first, the RESULTS of Week 7.

It was another tightly packed round with the eventual winner pulling ahead thanks to the final voter. But I’m happy to announce the medals – BRONZE goes to Michelle McAdorey’s meandering, mesmeric “Mona”. SILVER goes to Natalia Lafourcade and her epic “Azul”. But the winner this week is ASHA PUTHLI with “Lies”, her 1973 cover of the J.J.Cale track.

As you’ll see from the table, once again our Gold medal nominator is ACTUALEE SIMPSON – which puts him on an outrageous 74 points from a possible 84, a full 25 ahead of his nearest competitor with only 12 to play for. In other words – and it’s been the likely outcome from week 3 or so – we have a League Of Pop Season 1 Winner.

Prize announcements will wait for next week, but let me just mention now that the tournament design was absolutely not meant to allow this kind of run – Actualee is just that good at picking obscure Golden Beats. Huge congratulations!

Of course there’s still one more chance for everyone else to get a gold – the Week 8 Finale which is songs from this year. That will be up tomorrow morning for an extended run. The medal-winning songs in that will automatically go through to the January World Cup Of 2023 – no nominations needed.

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