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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 5: COVER VERSIONS Playlists
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This week’s theme is COVER VERSIONS and as usual I’ve tried to arrange them in an order that makes some vague kind of sense (to me, anyway). There’s one track which is greyed out for me on the Spotify playlist – Sara Isaksson & Rebecka Tornqvist’s version of “Gaucho” – it’s track 11 on the playlist so make sure you check that out on the YouTube!

When you’ve heard them all go to the poll post and have your say!

  1. HOT BREATH – “One Hit (To The Body)” – From 2021’s Rubbery Lips. Originally by The Rolling Stones.
  2. CATERINA CASELLI – “Tutto Nero” – From 1966’s Casco D’Oro. Originally by The Rolling Stones.
  3. WANDERLEA – “Vou Lhe Contar” – From 1967’s Wanderlea. Originally by The Seeds.
  4. BOMBA ESTEREO – “Juana” – From 2008’s Blow Up. Originally by La Nina Emilia.
  5. XIU XIU – “Ceremony (Xiu Xiu Remix)” – From 2007’s Remixed & Covered. Originally by New Order.
  6. CAMP COPE – “Seventeen Going Under” – Recorded for Triple J’s Like A Version in 2022. Originally by Sam Fender.
  7. MILES DAVIS – “Time After Time” – From 1985’s You’re Under Attack. Originally by Cyndi Lauper.
  8. DENNIS BROWN – “Wichita Lineman” – From 1973’s Super Reggae And Soul Hits. Originally by Glen Campbell.
  9. DANA GAVANSKI – “I Talk To The Wind” – From 2020’s Wind Songs. Originally by King Crimson.
  10. RITA LEE – “Minha Vida” – From 2001’s Aqui, Ali, Em Qualquer Lugar. Originally by The Beatles.
  11. SARA ISAKSSON & REBECKA TORNQVIST – “Gaucho”. From 2006’s Fire In The Hole. Originally by Steely Dan.
  12. KEZIAH JONES – “Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am”. From 2017’s Rugged Covers EP. Originally by Fela Kuti.

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 4: SHORT SONGS Playlists
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Hey we’re BACK let’s keep this BRIEF it’s SHORT SONGS here are your PLAYLISTS

(The YOUTUBE playlist is preferred as the Outcasts and Young And Sexy tracks may not be on your regional Spotify)

Go vote on these in the POLL POST.


  1. MIRAH – “Gone Sugaring” – from 2000’s You Think It’s Like This But Really It’s Like This
  2. MO TROPER – “I Fall Into Her Arms” – from 2022’s MTV
  3. YOUNG AND SEXY – “Car Bought For A Son” – from 2002’s Stand Up For Your Mother
  4. EMPEROR X – “10,000-Year Earworm to Discourage Resettlement Near Nuclear Waste Repositories (Don’t Change Color, Kitty)” – from the 2014 EP of the same name
  5. PINKPANTHERESS – “Noticed I Cried” – from 2021’s The Hell With It
  6. DJ RUDE ONE ft RXKNEPHEW – “BB Belt” – from 2023’s The ONEderful Nephew mixtape.
  7. FLY ANAKIN – “No Dough (produced by Madlib)” – from 2022’s Frank.
  8. SPOON – “No You’re Not” – from 1998’s A Series Of Sneks
  9. THE OUTCASTS – “1523 Blair” – a 1967 single on Gallant
  10. THE MUSLIMS – “Call The Cops” – from 2020’s Gentrified Chicken
  11. HERIOT – “Near Vision” – a 2021 single on Church Road
  12. NURIA GRAHAM – “Birdman” – from 2023’s Cyclamen.

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 3: CLOSING TRACKS Playlists
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Hello again! Week 3 of the League Of Extraordinary Tracks revisits our February 2022 CLOSING TRACKS poll. All these songs end their LPs which makes for a slightly odd mix! But (I think) a good ‘un. As a reminder the rule is that you can’t vote for TRACKS you know already – doesn’t matter if you know the artist already, it’s the track that counts.

This is a single playlist but because of the general closery-ness I mentally arranged it into two sides of a C60 tape.

You can – indeed you should! – vote on these in the poll post.

  1. PINKY ANN RIHAL – “Tu Aaja” (1985’s Tere Liye (Hindi Disco))
  2. ILE – “De Luna” (2019’s Almadura)
  3. KRONOS QUARTET – “El Sinaloense – Dance Mix” (2002’s Nuevo)
  4. TZUSING – “Residual Stress” (2023’s 绿帽 Green Hat)
  5. MEL STONE – “Rose Quartz” (2023’s Princess)
  6. GREET DEATH – “New Hell” (2019’s New Hell)
  1. THE JUST JOANS – “What Do We Do Now?” (2012’s Buckfast Bottles In The Rain)
  2. LUPE FIASCO ft RXMN & SALIM – “More Than My Heart” (2017’s Drogas Light)
  3. BONNIE RAITT – “The Bed I Made” (2005’s Souls Alive)
  4. THE FREE DESIGN – “That’s All, People” (1970’s Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love)
  5. BLACK SABBATH – “Over And Over” (1981’s Mob Rules)
  6. GOWNS – “Cherylee” (2007’s Red State)

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 2: 2020 Playlists
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Here are the PLAYLISTS for Round 2 of the League Of Extraordinary Tracks, this week revisiting the year 2020. What happened then eh? Nothing important I’m sure. But these dozen tunes came out and you can vote on them in the poll post.

  1. OPEN MIKE EAGLE – “Headass (Idiot Shinji)” (from Anime, Trauma And Divorce)
  2. NEZ ft SCHOOLBOY Q – “Wild Youngster” (single on Three Six Zero)
  3. DOGLEG – “Kawasaki Backflip” (from Melee)
  4. DELAPORTE – “No Diras” (from Las Montanas)
  5. THAT KID – “Taco Bell” (from Crush)
  6. LORENZO SENNI – “Dance Tonight Revolution Tomorrow” (from Scacco Matto)
  7. LEMBAYUNG GROUP – “Aku Berdansa Seorang Diri Disini” (single on Irama Records)
  8. SAM AMIDON – “Spanish Merchant’s Daughter” (from Sam Amidon)
  9. BRENNEN LEIGH – “Don’t You Know I’m From Here” (from Prairie Love Letter)
  10. MODERN STUDIES – “Photograph” (from The Weight Of The Sun)
  11. PALE BLUE – “I Walk Alone With Acid” (from Breathe EP)
  12. ROUTINE ft ANNIE TRUSCOTT & JAY SOM – “Numb Enough” (from And Other Things EP)

Next week it’s the return of CLOSING TRACKS!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 1. PLACENAMES Playlists
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This post is for the playlist for Week 1 of the League Of Extraordinary Tracks, Season 1.

The theme is PLACENAMES.

You’ll be voting on these in the poll post, up tomorrow. Comment on them there too!

This week we’ve got one track not on YouTube (and only intermittently on Spotify). It’s on Bandcamp though: USS HORSEWHIP – “Cop Cars In The Lettered Streets”

See the sticky comment on this post for the LPs each track comes from.


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