Here are the PLAYLISTS for Round 2 of the League Of Extraordinary Tracks, this week revisiting the year 2020. What happened then eh? Nothing important I’m sure. But these dozen tunes came out and you can vote on them in the poll post.

  1. OPEN MIKE EAGLE – “Headass (Idiot Shinji)” (from Anime, Trauma And Divorce)
  2. NEZ ft SCHOOLBOY Q – “Wild Youngster” (single on Three Six Zero)
  3. DOGLEG – “Kawasaki Backflip” (from Melee)
  4. DELAPORTE – “No Diras” (from Las Montanas)
  5. THAT KID – “Taco Bell” (from Crush)
  6. LORENZO SENNI – “Dance Tonight Revolution Tomorrow” (from Scacco Matto)
  7. LEMBAYUNG GROUP – “Aku Berdansa Seorang Diri Disini” (single on Irama Records)
  8. SAM AMIDON – “Spanish Merchant’s Daughter” (from Sam Amidon)
  9. BRENNEN LEIGH – “Don’t You Know I’m From Here” (from Prairie Love Letter)
  10. MODERN STUDIES – “Photograph” (from The Weight Of The Sun)
  11. PALE BLUE – “I Walk Alone With Acid” (from Breathe EP)
  12. ROUTINE ft ANNIE TRUSCOTT & JAY SOM – “Numb Enough” (from And Other Things EP)

Next week it’s the return of CLOSING TRACKS!