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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 3: CLOSING TRACKS Poll
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This is the Week 3 poll in the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY TRACKS. Our 12 brave nominators have voyaged to the ends of the earth several records to find CLOSING TRACKS for you to hear. Listen to their selections in the playlist post and then vote (and comment) away!


Vote for up to four tracks.

Do not vote for tracks you already knew

League Of Extraordinary Tracks S1E3: CLOSING TRACKS!

Please pick up to FOUR of these tracks.


Spotify and YouTube playlists in the playlist post.

The poll has expired!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 3: CLOSING TRACKS Playlists
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Hello again! Week 3 of the League Of Extraordinary Tracks revisits our February 2022 CLOSING TRACKS poll. All these songs end their LPs which makes for a slightly odd mix! But (I think) a good ‘un. As a reminder the rule is that you can’t vote for TRACKS you know already – doesn’t matter if you know the artist already, it’s the track that counts.

This is a single playlist but because of the general closery-ness I mentally arranged it into two sides of a C60 tape.

You can – indeed you should! – vote on these in the poll post.

  1. PINKY ANN RIHAL – “Tu Aaja” (1985’s Tere Liye (Hindi Disco))
  2. ILE – “De Luna” (2019’s Almadura)
  3. KRONOS QUARTET – “El Sinaloense – Dance Mix” (2002’s Nuevo)
  4. TZUSING – “Residual Stress” (2023’s 绿帽 Green Hat)
  5. MEL STONE – “Rose Quartz” (2023’s Princess)
  6. GREET DEATH – “New Hell” (2019’s New Hell)
  1. THE JUST JOANS – “What Do We Do Now?” (2012’s Buckfast Bottles In The Rain)
  2. LUPE FIASCO ft RXMN & SALIM – “More Than My Heart” (2017’s Drogas Light)
  3. BONNIE RAITT – “The Bed I Made” (2005’s Souls Alive)
  4. THE FREE DESIGN – “That’s All, People” (1970’s Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love)
  5. BLACK SABBATH – “Over And Over” (1981’s Mob Rules)
  6. GOWNS – “Cherylee” (2007’s Red State)

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