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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 1. NOT IN ENGLISH – Polls
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This is where you VOTE in the League Of Tracks Season 2 Week 1. You’ll need a registered account on the site to vote, so we can keep it to one person one vote (or to log in via Twitter/X – we are working on other login options!)

Please vote for up to FOUR tracks from the ones you don’t already know. You can hear them all in the playlist post!

League Of Extraordinary Tracks S2E1: Not In English!

Please pick up to FOUR of these tracks.


Spotify and YouTube playlists in the playlist post.

The poll has expired!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 1. NOT IN ENGLISH – Playlists
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We’re BACK! The League Of Extraordinary Tracks returns with 11 new players and 8 new (well, maybe new) themes. As before the rules are simple. You listen to the songs picked by our players each week, and each week you vote for your 4 favourites. The catch? You can only vote for songs you didn’t already know. It’s all about discovery and hearing new things, and I hope you enjoy it!

Vote in the Poll Post once you’ve listened.

The first week theme is Not In English – and here’s the YouTube playlist:

There’s also a Spotify playlist – BUT bear in mind this doesn’t include Tracks 10 and 11 (by Deckadas and Jeans Team). (this isn’t embedding for some reason – sorry)

Your 11 tracks are:

  1. FAMILJEN – “Det Snurrar I Min Skalle”: Sweden. From Det Snurrar I Min Skalle (2007)
  2. MC SOLAAR – “Bouge De La”: France. From Qui sème le vent récolte le tempo (1991)
  3. VAUDOU GAME – “Camisole”: Togo. From NOUSSIN (2021)
  4. PRINS POLO – “París Norðursins“: Iceland. From París Norðursins (2014)
  5. TSHETSHA BOYS – “Nwampfundla”: South Africa. From the 2010 compilation Shangaan Electro.
  6. MC YALLAH & DEBMASTER – “Miniboss”: Uganda. From Yallah Beibe (2023)
  7. THE LEMONS – “Monad”. Mongolia. From III (2015)
  8. CORRY BROKKEN – “Dansvijsje”: The Netherlands. From the Eurovisie Songfestival 1963 EP (1963).
  9. CENT – “決心 (Determination)”: Japan. From PER -> CENT -> AGE (2023)
  10. DECKADAS – “Espectros”: Peru. From Espectros (1991)
  11. JEANS TEAM – “Oh Bauer”. Germany. From Musik Von Oben (2005)

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