We’re BACK! The League Of Extraordinary Tracks returns with 11 new players and 8 new (well, maybe new) themes. As before the rules are simple. You listen to the songs picked by our players each week, and each week you vote for your 4 favourites. The catch? You can only vote for songs you didn’t already know. It’s all about discovery and hearing new things, and I hope you enjoy it!

Vote in the Poll Post once you’ve listened.

The first week theme is Not In English – and here’s the YouTube playlist:

There’s also a Spotify playlist – BUT bear in mind this doesn’t include Tracks 10 and 11 (by Deckadas and Jeans Team).

https://spotify.link/lEwDNDiTZDb (this isn’t embedding for some reason – sorry)

Your 11 tracks are:

  1. FAMILJEN – “Det Snurrar I Min Skalle”: Sweden. From Det Snurrar I Min Skalle (2007)
  2. MC SOLAAR – “Bouge De La”: France. From Qui sème le vent récolte le tempo (1991)
  3. VAUDOU GAME – “Camisole”: Togo. From NOUSSIN (2021)
  4. PRINS POLO – “París Norðursins“: Iceland. From París Norðursins (2014)
  5. TSHETSHA BOYS – “Nwampfundla”: South Africa. From the 2010 compilation Shangaan Electro.
  6. MC YALLAH & DEBMASTER – “Miniboss”: Uganda. From Yallah Beibe (2023)
  7. THE LEMONS – “Monad”. Mongolia. From III (2015)
  8. CORRY BROKKEN – “Dansvijsje”: The Netherlands. From the Eurovisie Songfestival 1963 EP (1963).
  9. CENT – “決心 (Determination)”: Japan. From PER -> CENT -> AGE (2023)
  10. DECKADAS – “Espectros”: Peru. From Espectros (1991)
  11. JEANS TEAM – “Oh Bauer”. Germany. From Musik Von Oben (2005)