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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 6. NOT THAT ONE! – Results
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Better late than never (well, I hope it is) – here are some results for the “Not That One!” round of the League, a high concept selection where the sole criteria was sharing a title with a more famous tune. So it’s indirect congratulations to Beck, Beyonce, Bobby “Boris” Pickett and The Rolling Stones for making the inclusion of our Top 4 tracks possible in the first place.

This was a woefully undervoted round – which is partly down to the poll plugin having an absolute sod of a time on mobile. For the remaining two rounds, if you can, vote via the desktop site!

Still, thanks hugely to all those who DID vote and of course to our eleven players, who came up with a wonderfully varied selection. Bronze is shared this week between the Plasticenes’ “Loser” and Sarah Webster Fabio’s “Work It Out”. Kate Davis’ not-a-graveyard smash “Monster Mash” takes silver, but the clear winner this week was “Play With Fire” by 70s soul duo Barbara & Ernie. That means that nominator MONDOSALVO gets his second third win in a row and moves into first place on the leaderboard, but only 3 points ahead of Joe Kay.

The seventh round is Black Pop History 78-81, tying in to the poll that’s been running over on Twitter. And then we have our final round and one final brief for the nominators – Unlikely Cover Versions. Good luck!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 4. ALL CHANGE! – Results
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A tricky theme caused nominators some difficulty but listeners had less of a problem this week, with a very clear winner in the side projects and line-up changes round.

Third place went to New Order offshoot THE OTHER TWO but! this was in fact a ringer put in by me to replace a missing track so it scores no points (sorry Mark!). So the bronze actually goes to synthpop rivals PROPAGANDA with the song from their difficult second LP. Silver goes to EKKAH, the side project of two Arcadian Kicks members. And the runaway winner this week was V/Z with “Habadash” – a collaboration between Valentina Magaletti (V) and Zongamin (Z) which is also a 2023 jam, always nice to see those do well.

Congratulations to Mondosalvo on snagging those 12 points, which puts him into joint 3rd on the overall leaderboard, while at the top previous sole League Leader Joe Kay is joined by Ed Still. Halfway through and things are still very tight…

Round 5 is our Christmas Special, with 11 21st Century Christmas songs to pick from – that’ll be up later today. Round 6 will be “No, not that one” – tracks which share a title, but nothing else, with a very famous song. Russ Abbott’s “Atmosphere”, your time is now.

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 2.RELIGION – Results!
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Apologies for the delay posting these and the new poll, though at least it’s given our 11 seekers after pop more time to work on the somewhat tricky Week 4 task..

Anyway, the white smoke has now issued from the Pop Vatican and I can announce the WINNER of Round 2’s Religion challenge.

In third place, SISTER WYNONA CARR took us out to the ball game! In second place, YELLOWMAN delivered some of the teachings of Jah. And the clear winner from was MARY LOU WILLIAMS, whose “Anima Christi” was the perfect combination of spirituality and awesome jazz chops. I think it’s the oldest recording so far to have won a League round – well done healingandy especially as his Round 1 pick came last! As you can see from the leaderboard this time there’s no clear front runner – Joe Kay with a double bronze has an early advantage, but all the top 8 players are within 4 points of each other.

Instrumentals will be up soon – for now, thanks again to your selectors for their handling of a tricky religious brief!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 7: Four Letter Words RESULTS!
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First of all, apologies for the delay in posting these results – I had a big backlog of admin (and actual work!) following a bout of illness last week. Fortunately I’m feeling better now and the League can move into its final round – but first, the RESULTS of Week 7.

It was another tightly packed round with the eventual winner pulling ahead thanks to the final voter. But I’m happy to announce the medals – BRONZE goes to Michelle McAdorey’s meandering, mesmeric “Mona”. SILVER goes to Natalia Lafourcade and her epic “Azul”. But the winner this week is ASHA PUTHLI with “Lies”, her 1973 cover of the J.J.Cale track.

As you’ll see from the table, once again our Gold medal nominator is ACTUALEE SIMPSON – which puts him on an outrageous 74 points from a possible 84, a full 25 ahead of his nearest competitor with only 12 to play for. In other words – and it’s been the likely outcome from week 3 or so – we have a League Of Pop Season 1 Winner.

Prize announcements will wait for next week, but let me just mention now that the tournament design was absolutely not meant to allow this kind of run – Actualee is just that good at picking obscure Golden Beats. Huge congratulations!

Of course there’s still one more chance for everyone else to get a gold – the Week 8 Finale which is songs from this year. That will be up tomorrow morning for an extended run. The medal-winning songs in that will automatically go through to the January World Cup Of 2023 – no nominations needed.

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 6: 2008 Results!
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We’re back! I had an excellent holiday and return with renewed RESULTS POSTING VIGOUR, so let’s see the outcome of the 2008 poll.

It was a tight one, which makes the points allocation feel especially unfair, but that’s the nature of the game – a very closely packed round.

The bronze – and the 8 points – go to Baltimore Jacks for Danez vs Rifhes’ glitchcore take on New Order. Silver goes to actualee simpson for Camille’s “Canards Sauvages”, moving him tantalisingly close to victory. But Dan Bright-Amaya still has a mathematical chance of overtaking him, and gets his first DOUZE POINTS for Buika‘s hit “No Habrá Nadie En El Mundo”. Congratulations to Dan and Buika and a hearty thankyou to all our players.

Round 7, Four-Letter Words, will be up on Sunday.

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 5: COVER VERSIONS Results
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Thanks as ever to everyone who voted in this, and especially to the nominators! Three weeks to go – 2008 is up tomorrow, Week 7 will be FOUR LETTER WORDS (that’s the length of the song title, not just swears) and then it’s the Season 1 finale with everyone picking a track from 2023.

So, cover versions! A pretty clear ranking this week with the eventual winner performing well right from the very beginning.

Bronze medal goes to Brazil’s Wanderlea, covering The Seeds’ garage rock classic “Pushin’ Too Hard” as “Vou Lhe Contar”. Swedish duo Sara Isaksson & Rebecka Tornqvist take silver for their reinterpretation of Steely Dan’s “Gaucho”. But the 12 points goes to Job, and his nomination DANA GAVANSKI with her 2020 version of King Crimson’s “I Talk To The Wind” – Job moves into 2nd place with this and cuts actualeesimpson’s lead to, er, only 16 points. It’s not over yet!


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