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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 4: SHORT SONGS Results!
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A short playlist and a closely fought poll, with a late charge meaning two players pick up the 12 points this week. As ever, a hearty thankyou to everyone who listened, commented and voted, but especially to the 12 players who are putting their tunes on the chopping block week in week out. Halfway there! Let’s see how things shook out this round:

A single vote was the difference between 3rd and joint-1st place this week – punkers THE MUSLIMS get the bronze. The lead, though, is shared between modern pop favourite PINKPANTHERESS, nominated by ismathers, and singer-songwriter NURIA GRAHAM, picked by League Of Pop juggernaut actualee simpson. At the halfway point he has a 19-point lead but it’s a very closely fought battle for the runners-up place. Let’s see if anything can dent that mighty lead as we head into Cover Versions week…

The Week 6 challenge is a return to 2008. The list of previously nominated tracks from the original 2008 poll is here!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 3: CLOSING TRACKS Results!
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Our third League week is over – as ever I want to thank our players who put their faves up for judgement and our participants who took the time to weigh up that excellent set of album closers (and offer some fine commentary too).

Let’s see who takes away the SPOILS this time:

In third place it’s Puerto Rico’s ILE with her more delicate approach to the art of the album closer. In second place we have that most closerish of closers, GREET DEATH’s 9 minute epic. But the winner is PINKY-ANN-RIHAL and their 1985 Hindi new wave disco smash “Tu Aaja”. Which means a second 12 points for actualee simpson who now has 32 out of a possible 36. Is the competition over before it’s even started? Come back tomorrow for the SHORT SONGS playlists and poll to find out.

Meanwhile our players have their Week 5 orders already – it’s going to be Cover Versions again!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 2: 2020 RESULTS!
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Once again I offer the hugest of thanks to our players for a great set of tracks! 47 voters – only a couple down on the opening week, which is a solid result too. The margin of victory was pretty convincing this time but below our winner things were a lot tighter, with 3 songs carrying off the bronze. Meanwhile both last week’s nul-points players bounced back to take the top two spots in Week 2. Here’s the reveal of who picked what, and the scores so far.

Mystery Indonesians the LEMBAYUNG GROUP share third place with country singer BRENNEN LEIGH and Spanish/Italian combo DELAPORTE.

In second place we find Chicago producer NEZ, but the 12 points this week go decisively to pop-o-matic, nominator of electro-pop duo PALE BLUE and their acid house rework of the hard-hitting “I Walk Alone At Night”. Congratulations for a track which would have fit right into the 2020 poll as run and a well-earned win this week.

Playlists for Week 3 (Closing Tracks) will be up tomorrow. The Week 4 topic will be SHORT SONGS (2 minutes or less).

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 1: PLACENAMES Results
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Thanks to all our nominators for a really terrific opening round and for the 49 brave souls who listened and voted (my target was 48, i.e. 4x the participants, so we hit it almost exactly!).

Here’s the results table, also revealing who picked each song!

As you’ll see from the poster, in 3rd place we have MARTY ROBBINS with “El Paso City”. In 2nd place there’s LAEL NEALE’s “In Verona”, which I hope someone picks for the 2023 end-of-year poll!

But the DOUZE POINTS and congratulations go to actualee simpson for nominating Johnny Adams’ “Georgia Morning Dew” – here it is!

This round turned into a battle between the oldest and newest songs on the list. Later I’ll be posting playlists and poll for Week 2, where the theme is 2020, so that won’t be an issue.

And participants should start hunting out songs for Week 3 – we’ll be revisiting CLOSING TRACKS! The list of previous nominations is here – back then “Dead End Justice” by The Runaways won Golden Beat.

Thanks again too all who took part!


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