Once again I offer the hugest of thanks to our players for a great set of tracks! 47 voters – only a couple down on the opening week, which is a solid result too. The margin of victory was pretty convincing this time but below our winner things were a lot tighter, with 3 songs carrying off the bronze. Meanwhile both last week’s nul-points players bounced back to take the top two spots in Week 2. Here’s the reveal of who picked what, and the scores so far.

Mystery Indonesians the LEMBAYUNG GROUP share third place with country singer BRENNEN LEIGH and Spanish/Italian combo DELAPORTE.

In second place we find Chicago producer NEZ, but the 12 points this week go decisively to pop-o-matic, nominator of electro-pop duo PALE BLUE and their acid house rework of the hard-hitting “I Walk Alone At Night”. Congratulations for a track which would have fit right into the 2020 poll as run and a well-earned win this week.

Playlists for Week 3 (Closing Tracks) will be up tomorrow. The Week 4 topic will be SHORT SONGS (2 minutes or less).