Better late than never (well, I hope it is) – here are some results for the “Not That One!” round of the League, a high concept selection where the sole criteria was sharing a title with a more famous tune. So it’s indirect congratulations to Beck, Beyonce, Bobby “Boris” Pickett and The Rolling Stones for making the inclusion of our Top 4 tracks possible in the first place.

This was a woefully undervoted round – which is partly down to the poll plugin having an absolute sod of a time on mobile. For the remaining two rounds, if you can, vote via the desktop site!

Still, thanks hugely to all those who DID vote and of course to our eleven players, who came up with a wonderfully varied selection. Bronze is shared this week between the Plasticenes’ “Loser” and Sarah Webster Fabio’s “Work It Out”. Kate Davis’ not-a-graveyard smash “Monster Mash” takes silver, but the clear winner this week was “Play With Fire” by 70s soul duo Barbara & Ernie. That means that nominator MONDOSALVO gets his second third win in a row and moves into first place on the leaderboard, but only 3 points ahead of Joe Kay.

The seventh round is Black Pop History 78-81, tying in to the poll that’s been running over on Twitter. And then we have our final round and one final brief for the nominators – Unlikely Cover Versions. Good luck!