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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 4. ALL CHANGE! – Playlists
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Welcome back to the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY TRACKS, our weekly (in theory) music discovery game. Eleven players submit tracks each round on a theme – the idea is to find stuff we the voters haven’t heard yet. This is the playlist post – once you’ve heard the songs, go and vote in the poll post.

This week’s theme is – well, it’s complicated. Originally the submitted idea was “Introducing…” – debuts by musicians on songs by others, like guest verses or debuts of later jazz bandleaders. A cool theme, but very tricky to research (since, by the nature of things, debuts of famous people tend to be well known in their own right). I asked to expand it to include more broad shifts like band line up changes, collaborations, aliases and side projects. And in the end line up changes and side projects were what almost all the players went for. So I renamed the week to “ALL CHANGE!”

The Spotify playlist is missing a final track – the Orb and Alan Parker collaboration – it’s the final song on the YouTube list:

I’ll leave it to the players to explain how each track qualifies. For now, just enjoy the sounds they’ve selected. Thanks to them for wrestling with a tricky brief!

Ringing The Changes:

  1. HERBIE HANCOCK – “Wiggle Waggle”: From 1969’s Fat Albert Rotunda
  2. BY STORM – “Double Trio”: From 2023’s Double Trio EP.
  3. V/Z – “Habadash”: From 2023’s Sueno Assente
  4. PROPAGANDA – “La Carne, La Morte e Il Diavolo”: From 1990’s 1234.
  5. EKKAH – “Last Chance To Dance”: From 2014’s Last Chance To Dance EP.
  6. THE OTHER TWO – “Selfish”: From 1993’s The Other Two And You
  7. MAM – “Ongelofelijk”: A 1989 single!
  8. LEAVES’ EYES – “Across The Sea”: From 2018’s Sign Of The Dragonhead
  9. TSOL – “Flowers By The Door”: From 1984’s Change Today?
  10. NANCY VANDAL – “Egg Sandwich”: From 1996’s The Interrogation Room
  11. THE ORB ft ALAN PARKER – “Grey Clouds”: From the 2007 compilation Annie Nightingale Presents Y4K

Special note: One contestant was unable to submit this week, so I found a track instead. But I’m not going to tell you which it is!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 2. RELIGION – Polls
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This week’s League Of Tracks is the first theme to go beyond pre-existing pop polls – we are tacking RELIGION with a selection of devotional, heretical, or otherwise spiritual tunes from across the history of pop.

As usual the rules are simple.

  1. Go listen to the songs on the PLAYLIST POST
  2. Vote for up to 4 of them in the poll – but!
  3. You mustn’t vote for anything you already knew. New discoveries only!

Into the multi-denominational faith room of pop we go…

League Of Extraordinary Tracks S2E2: Religion!

Please pick up to FOUR of these tracks.


Spotify and YouTube playlists in the playlist post.

The poll has expired!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 2. RELIGION – Playlists
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For the second theme of the new season Dave chose RELIGION – go as broad as you like, he advised. Let’s see what you unholy lot came up with.

As ever, listen to the playlist and then vote in the POLL POST.

This time all but one of the tracks are on Spotify:

The final track, “All Things Bright And Beautiful” by The Goodies, is at the end of the YouTube playlist.


  1. MARY LOU WILLIAMS – “Amina Christi”: From 1964’s Mary Lou Williams
  2. FREDDIE AND THE HITCHHIKERS – “Sinners”: From a 1961 single.
  3. SISTER WYNONA CARR – “The Ball Game”: From a 1953 single.
  4. SIERRA FERRELL – “Bells Of Every Chapel”: From 2021’s Long Time Coming
  5. AMMA – “Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama”: From 2014’s Amritapuri Bhajans Vol.15
  6. YELLOWMAN – “Natty Sat Upon The Rock”: From 1982’s Mister Yellowman.
  7. ALY & AJ – “Church”: From 2019’s Sanctuary EP.
  8. BEASTIE BOYS – “Something’s Got To Give”. From 1992’s Check Your Head
  9. SPERMBIRDS – “My God Rides A Skateboard”: From 1986’s Something To Prove.
  10. GREGORIO ALLEGRI (composer) – “Miserere Mei, Deus”: From Choir Of Kings’ College’s Allegri Miserere (1984)
  11. THE GOODIES – “All Things Bright And Beautiful”: From 1973’s …Sing Songs From The Goodies

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 1. NOT IN ENGLISH – Polls
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This is where you VOTE in the League Of Tracks Season 2 Week 1. You’ll need a registered account on the site to vote, so we can keep it to one person one vote (or to log in via Twitter/X – we are working on other login options!)

Please vote for up to FOUR tracks from the ones you don’t already know. You can hear them all in the playlist post!

League Of Extraordinary Tracks S2E1: Not In English!

Please pick up to FOUR of these tracks.


Spotify and YouTube playlists in the playlist post.

The poll has expired!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 6: 2008 Poll!
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LEAGUE OF TRACKS ADMIN!: I’d hoped to only have one skip week on holiday but it looks like that won’t be the case. So we’ll be back with Four Letter Words in two Sundays’ time, and 2023 the week after that. The upshot of that, though, is that I can keep this one open for longer – so I’ve extended it over the weekend. Tell your friends! If you’re a 200-and-h8er tell your enemies too!

This week’s poll takes us back to 2008 – a turbulent year, and a controversial pop poll which led to the “MGMT Clause” to prevent two tracks by the same band meeting in the semi-finals ever again. Today’s poll is however a MGMT-free zone, as our nominators have dug up a bunch of hopefully new-to-you tracks.

As usual, please vote for UP TO FOUR of these songs. And only vote for tracks you DIDN’T PREVIOUSLY KNOW.

To actually hear them all, check out the playlist post

League Of Extraordinary Tracks S1E6: 2008!

Please pick up to FOUR of these tracks.


Spotify and YouTube playlists in the playlist post.

The poll has expired!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 5: COVER VERSIONS Playlists
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This week’s theme is COVER VERSIONS and as usual I’ve tried to arrange them in an order that makes some vague kind of sense (to me, anyway). There’s one track which is greyed out for me on the Spotify playlist – Sara Isaksson & Rebecka Tornqvist’s version of “Gaucho” – it’s track 11 on the playlist so make sure you check that out on the YouTube!

When you’ve heard them all go to the poll post and have your say!

  1. HOT BREATH – “One Hit (To The Body)” – From 2021’s Rubbery Lips. Originally by The Rolling Stones.
  2. CATERINA CASELLI – “Tutto Nero” – From 1966’s Casco D’Oro. Originally by The Rolling Stones.
  3. WANDERLEA – “Vou Lhe Contar” – From 1967’s Wanderlea. Originally by The Seeds.
  4. BOMBA ESTEREO – “Juana” – From 2008’s Blow Up. Originally by La Nina Emilia.
  5. XIU XIU – “Ceremony (Xiu Xiu Remix)” – From 2007’s Remixed & Covered. Originally by New Order.
  6. CAMP COPE – “Seventeen Going Under” – Recorded for Triple J’s Like A Version in 2022. Originally by Sam Fender.
  7. MILES DAVIS – “Time After Time” – From 1985’s You’re Under Attack. Originally by Cyndi Lauper.
  8. DENNIS BROWN – “Wichita Lineman” – From 1973’s Super Reggae And Soul Hits. Originally by Glen Campbell.
  9. DANA GAVANSKI – “I Talk To The Wind” – From 2020’s Wind Songs. Originally by King Crimson.
  10. RITA LEE – “Minha Vida” – From 2001’s Aqui, Ali, Em Qualquer Lugar. Originally by The Beatles.
  11. SARA ISAKSSON & REBECKA TORNQVIST – “Gaucho”. From 2006’s Fire In The Hole. Originally by Steely Dan.
  12. KEZIAH JONES – “Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am”. From 2017’s Rugged Covers EP. Originally by Fela Kuti.


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