After 8 weeks and 96 tracks we’re at the end of the League Of Extraordinary Tracks Season 1! Time to see who won (not a lot of suspense there to be fair…)

First off, the final round results! And in a shock outcome there’s NO MEDAL for actualee simpson!

Joint second place here are Scar Lip’s brutal Big Apple beatdown “This Is New York” and Baiuca & Leilia’s dancefloor version of the traditional “Vai Tu”. But our final week winner is DAN POP-O-MATIC with Rose Gray’s Dee-liteful interpolation “Happiness”. All three of these excellent songs get a free ticket into the 2023 end of year poll on Twitter.

Which means the ranking rounds are over and we can see who is the top pop picker of Season 1!

I’ve included total votes here as while the gap in points is pretty wide the votes are much less spread out – everyone put forward multiple bangers even if the scorecard was sometimes harsh.

But as has been clear for several weeks the winner is the same however you count it – a dominant performance from ACTUALEE SIMPSON. Sterling work from runners up Dan Bright-Amaya and Job too but they couldn’t catch the League Of Pop maestro. Congratulations!

I’ve also listed the top-performing track from each player. These will go forward – along with each round’s winning song – into a final poll which I’ll put up soon, to determine the beat of beats, the League Of Pop champion track.

As for PRIZES, because the Twitter polls are ending next year the prizes are mostly picks for Ragnapop, the closing tournament. Job and Dan each get a Ragnapop pick, Actualee Simpson gets two – the list of eligible tracks will be posted nearer the time. Actualee ALSO gets to become the Taskmaster for the LEAGUE OF TRACKS SEASON 2 – he picks the opening two weeks’ themes: can be any theme whether we’ve done it before or not. When will Season 2 happen? Sometime in September – family medical issues have slowed everything down for me so there are delays all around. But happen it will!

And with that all that remains is saying a big THANKYOU to everyone who’s joined in. It’s been tough to get participation, and I’m very keen on hearing how the format or set-up might be improved to make things easier. But it’s also been a lot of fun and a reliable source of excellent tunes. Thanks again and see you in Season 2.