Now the Charity Crusher tournament is safely back on Twitter we can do something else here. Something… new! Well semi-new. We’re going to do a LEAGUE music game focused on discovering new things and this is the post where I ask – who wants to play?

Here’s what playing will require. Every week for about 10 weeks, you’ll nominate a track based on a theme. Each week’s theme will be the same as a previous People’s Pop Poll – the actual TRACKS though will be all new. The first theme is Placenames, the second is Tracks From 2020 and we’ll take it from there.

That’s all! One nomination a week for 10 weeks or so, and the first round goes up next Sunday (11th June). Sign up in the comments if you want to play.

What? You want to know more?? OK.


The League Of Extraordinary Tracks is a 10-round music competition. You can take part as a Player (we’ll want between 10 and 12 players) or as a Spectator. Spectators and Players can vote and comment but only Players can nominate songs. You don’t have to tell me if you’re planning to spectate or not!

Each round every Player nominates 1 track on a particular theme, which they’ll usually know about a week in advance. Nomination deadline is Friday night each week. Nominations should go to the Peoples Pop Twitter DM if you’re on Twitter, or to if you aren’t – don’t post them publically!

Each round I put the nominated tracks into a playlist which goes up here along with a poll. Every voter (Players and Spectators) gets to vote for up to 4 tracks a week, but the voting is on Golden Beat Rules – i.e. you shouldn’t vote for anything you already knew. Initially, I won’t reveal the nominator of each track, though nominators can ‘out’ themselves in the comments if they want.

New Rounds go up on Sunday and finish on Saturday – allowing 6 days of listening and voting. On Saturday the poll ends and I put up a results post revealing the scores and the nominator of each track.

The player who got the least votes in a round gets to choose a theme for the next available round. I’ll announce this ASAP after the round ends.

To make it a bit clearer (?), here’s the timetable for the first few rounds.

  • Today: Call for Players opens and the players start looking for Placenames and 2020 nominations.
  • 9th June (Fri): Deadline for Placenames nominations.
  • 11th June (Sun): Round 1 (Placenames) BEGINS. Playlists and poll published.
  • 16th June (Fri): Deadline for 2020 nominations.
  • 17th June (Sat): Round 1 (Placenames) ENDS. Results posted. Last-place Player picks Round 3 theme. Players begin looking for Round 3 nominations.
  • 18th June (Sun): Round 2 (2020) BEGINS.
  • 23rd June (Fri): Deadline for Round 3 nominations.
  • …and so on

After 10 rounds the winning players are announced, and will get some kind of fabulous PRIZE. There’s then a Grand Final where each player’s most successful track competes to be named the overall track of the tournament, and we open the call for players for Season 2! Obviously prioritising people who weren’t in the previous season.

Does that make sense? If you’ve got questions I’ll do my best to answer them and clarify in the post. Now – who wants to play?