Here are the final four B-Sides Round 2 matches in THE WORLD CUP OF 1985, which is also continuing over on Twitter at the peoples_pop account (assuming Elon keeps polls intact).

Here’s the YouTube playlist for these:

Matches today include Sophia George, Newcleus, Robert Wyatt (again!), Squirrel Bait, Sugar Minott, Amina, Lone Justice and The Triffids…

Sophia’s reggae-pop bounce and Newcleus’ electro-rap form our first pairing.

1985 B-Sides R2 Match 13: Sophia George v Newcleus

SOPHIA GEORGE – “Girlie Girlie” (YouTube)

NEWCLEUS – “Space Is The Place” (YouTube)

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That’s followed by a second Robert Wyatt selection – this time it’s “The Age Of Self”, up against uncanny 90s-inventors Squirrel Bait.

1985 B-Sides R2 Match 14: Robert Wyatt v Squirrel Bait

ROBERT WYATT – “The Age Of Self” (YouTube)

SQUIRREL BAIT – “Sun God” (YouTube)

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Next it’s the full-length dub version of Sugar Minott playing Amina’s French-Tunisian disco-funk

1985 B-Sides R2 Match 15: Sugar Minott v Amina

SUGAR MINOTT – “Jamming In The Street” (YouTube)

AMINA – “Sheherezade” (YouTube)

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And bringing our B-Sides Round 2 matches to a close it’s Lone Justice head-to-head with this glowering epic from The Triffids.

1985 B-Sides R2 Match 16: Lone Justice v The Triffids

LONE JUSTICE – “Ways To Be Wicked” (YouTube)

THE TRIFFIDS – “Field Of Glass” (YouTube)

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All these matches except the Minott/Amina one are also on Spotify!

At the weekend Twitter will host the A-Side final groups then come back here on Monday for their B-Side equivalents…