Back back BACK with four more matches from the 1985 World Cup, underground polls for the more discerning people’s pop palate. Or something like that.

YouTube playlist:

And onto the polls themselves:

Our first match is an absolute cracker – house music from Mr Fingers v freestyle from Brenda K Starr

1985 B-Sides R2 Match 9: Mr Fingers v Brenda K Starr

MR FINGERS - "Mystery Of Love" (YouTube)

BRENDA K STARR - "Pickin' Up Pieces" (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

Then we’ve got the first of two Robert Wyatt tunes in the B-Sides, this time it’s “Gharbzadegi” up against The Damned.

1985 B-Sides R2 Match 10: Robert Wyatt v The Damned

ROBERT WYATT - "Gharbzadegi" (YouTube)

THE DAMNED - "Shadow Of Love" (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

Proto-gangsta rap vs chic French pop as Schoolly D and Etienne Daho face off in match number three.

1985 B-Sides R2 Match 11: Schoolly D v Etienne Daho

SCHOOLLY D - "P.S.K. (What Does It Mean?)" (YouTube)

ETIENNE DAHO - "Tombe Pour La France" (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

And finally it’s the arsequake v punkabilly showdown you probably failed to demand as the Butthole Surfers take on the Redskins

1985 B-Sides R2 Match 12: Butthole Surfers v Redskins

BUTTHOLE SURFERS - "Moving To Florida" (YouTube)

REDSKINS - "Kick Over The Statues!" (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

The Spotify playlist actually has all these tracks – here it is: