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Modern Qualifier 51 – 21st COVERS 20th
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The first of two groups based on themes voted for by participants, with tracks drawn from your suggestions. This one is 21st Century covers of 20th Century songs.

  1. A cover of The Smiths’ “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”. Released as a single in 2000.
  2. A cover of Nirvana’s “In Bloom”. From the 2016 LP A Sailor’s Guide To Earth.
  3. A cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. Released as a single in 2019.
  4. A cover of DJ DMD’s “25 Lighters” from the 2012 LP La Futura.
Qualifier M51: 21st COVERS 20th

SCHNEIDER TM - "The Light 3000" (YouTube)

STURGILL SIMPSON - "In Bloom" (YouTube)

WE ARE KING - "Space Oddity" (YouTube)

ZZ TOP - "I Gotsta Get Paid" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 52 – THE INTERNET
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This is the second of two groups on a theme picked by participants and with tracks drawn from your suggestions.

  1. From the soundtrack to the comedian’s 2021 film Inside.
  2. From the Houston rapper’s 2005 LP The People’s Champ.
  3. From the cyber-pop artist’s 2019 debut full LP Serotonin II.
  4. A 2017 standalone single from the UK dance-pop group.

BO BURNHAM - "Welcome To The Internet" (YouTube)

PAUL WALL - "Internet Going Nutz" (YouTube)

YEULE - "Pixel Affection" (YouTube)

CLEAN BANDIT ft MARINA - "Disconnect" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 53 – Made Out Of Babies, Hidden Masters, MICH, Trips And Falls
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  1. From the Brooklyn sludge rockers’ 2008 set The Ruiner. Nominated by Martijn tH.
  2. Taken from the Glaswegian psychedelicists’ 2013 LP Of This And Other Worlds. Also nominated by Martijn tH! (Sorry)
  3. From the Dutch band’s 2022 LP Nuts – nominated by Job De W.
  4. From the Montreal band’s 2012 LP He Was Such A Quiet Boy. Nominated by Matt.

MADE OUT OF BABIES - "How To Get Bigger" (YouTube)

HIDDEN MASTERS - "Fall In Line" (YouTube)

MICH - "Traydips" (YouTube)

TRIPS AND FALLS - "And In Real Life He Wears Corduroy Pants" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 54! – Bent Knee, Oceanic, Bettie Serveert, Ava Rook
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  1. From the Boston art-rockers’ 2019 LP You Know What They Mean. Nominated by stabilimentum.
  2. From the Dutch producer’s 2023 LP Choral Feeling. Not to be confused with the “Insanity” hitmakers! Nominated by Job De W.
  3. From the Dutch indie rockers’ 2003 LP Log 22. Nominated by Leo B.
  4. Solo cut from one half of Black Dresses from her 2023 EP Rookie’s Bustle. A Bracket Balancer.

BENT KNEE - "Hold Me In" (YouTube)

OCEANIC - "Sunshine, Dear" (YouTube)

BETTIE SERVEERT - "Not Coming Down" (YouTube)

ADA ROOK - "A Future" (YouTube)

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It’s the closing day of Modern Qualifiers! What happens next? There’s a special post about that. Today we have two final dips into the Low Shazam Zone and also two special groups whose themes were voted on by YOU dear voters. The “21st Century covers of 20th Century songs” group and a group themed around THE INTERNET.

The YouTube playlist is here but won’t embed at the right point – I think cos it’s over 200 songs long now.

Modern Qualifier 46 – CURATED by Kat S!
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Our headliner is also today’s only CURATED GROUP by FT’s own Kat Stevens! I don’t know if there’s a theme or simply a unity of vibe, great stuff nonetheless.

  1. Single from the dream-poppers’ 2009 debut Eyelid Movies.
  2. Single from the Norwegian songwriter’s 2015 breakthrough Ten Love Songs.
  3. From the San Francisco based songwriter’s 2010 debut LP Ring.
  4. From the art-pop composer’s 2013 LP Loud City Song.
Qualifier M46: CURATED by Kat S!

PHANTOGRAM - "When I'm Small" (YouTube)

SUSANNE SUNDFOR - "Delirious" (YouTube)

GLASSER - "Mirrorage" (YouTube)

JULIA HOLTER - "Horns Surrounding Me" (YouTube)

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