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Curatorfest Qualifier 13! CURATED by David B
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Our final CURATORFEST Qualifier* comes from David B, and it’s a collection of four songs loosely linked by being personal favourites but also by a connection to his recently published memoir, Don’t Mention The Night. Songwriters Kevin Coyne and Nick Drake feature prominently in the book, and the group also features tracks by Gallery 47 and White And Torch

*there will be plenty more Curated Groups in both the Ancient and Modern polls!

RESULTS: Nick Drake romps home and is joined by Kevin Coyne in the ANCIENT poll Round 1.

Qualifier C13! Curated by David B

KEVIN COYNE - "The World Is Full Of Fools" (YouTube)

NICK DRAKE - "Things Behind The Sun" (YouTube)

GALLERY 47 - "Change In The Weather" (YouTube)

WHITE AND TORCH - "Parade" (YouTube)

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Curatorfest Qualifier 12! CURATED by thedesertpope
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The penultimate CURATORFEST group is from Twitter’s @thedesertpope with four unthemed artists – so far as I know. City pop from Kaoru Akimoto, New Wave pop from the Waitresses, modern dancepop from Confidence Man and indiepop from 2021 Golden Beat Winners Ginger Root! FUN FACT: This is the only one of the 13 curated groups in this preliminary round to have an even split of Ancient (20th Century) and Modern (21st Century) tracks.

RESULTS: The Waitresses’ place in ANCIENT Round 1 was never under threat. They’re joined by Kaoru Akimoto, who pulled ahead of Confidence Man in the closing hours.

Qualifier C12! Curated by thedesertpope

KAORU AKIMOTO - "Wagamama Na High Heel" (YouTube)

THE WAITRESSES - "No Guilt" (YouTube)

CONFIDENCE MAN - "Better Sit Down Boy" (YouTube)

GINGER ROOT - "Loneliness" (YouTube)

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Curatorfest Qualifier 11! CURATED by Jamie R
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Jamie R gives us a selection which he wasn’t going to make curated until he realised the tracks tell a story. Happy or sad? You be the judge. Owen Pallett, Me’shell NdegeoCello, Bobby Short and Umberto Tozzi are your narrators.

RESULTS: Another two tracks heading for ANCIENT Round 1 here. Me’Shell NdegeoCello dominated the group, but Umberto Tozzi managed to reel in his rivals to take second by a single vote.

Qualifier C11! Curated by Jamie R

OWEN PALLETT - "Lewis Takes Off His Shirt" (YouTube)

ME'SHELL NDEGEOCELLO - "If That's Your Boyfriend (He Wasn't Last Night)" (YouTube)

BOBBY SHORT - "You Are Not My First Love" (YouTube)

UMBERTO TOZZI - "Gloria" (YouTube)

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Curatorfest Qualifier 10! CURATED by groovypanda
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Twitter’s own Groovypanda presents us with a lovely group which feels linked less by theme and more by… vibe. Golden Beat miners get ready – tracks here from Fragile, Love And Money, Marti Caine and the Quintus Project.

I’m actually sure that this should have been in the ANCIENT poll anyway – I was misled by the reissue date on the Quintus Project. In any case RESULTS: Marti Caine and her tiger progress, and so do the Quintus folks.

Qualifier C10! Curated by groovypanda

FRAGILE - "We've Got Tonight, Boy" (YouTube)

LOVE AND MONEY - "Strange Kind Of Love" (YouTube)

MARTI CAINE - "Love The Way You Love Me" (YouTube)

QUINTUS PROJECT - "Night Flight" (YouTube)

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Curatorfest Qualifier 9! CURATED by Andy R
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This group is from Andy R and it’s one where either there’s no theme or – just as possible – I don’t know the theme. But who needs a theme when you have bangers from Mission Of Burma, REM, Aimee Mann and the Real McCoy slugging it out?

RESULTS: Mission of Burma and the Real McCoy dodge the hives to land in the ANCIENT poll.

Qualifier C9! Curated by Andy R

REM - "Crazy" (YouTube)

AIMEE MANN - "Humpty Dumpty" (YouTube)

MISSION OF BURMA - "Academy Fight Song" (YouTube)

REAL MCCOY - "Another Night" (YouTube)

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Curatorfest Qualifier 8! CURATED by Simon T
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This group is curated by Simon T and as I understand it it’s a selection of Australian classics little known in the Northern Hemisphere – Models, Screamfeeder, Rocket Science and Thelma Plum, your time is now!

RESULTS: Thelma Plum enters the MODERN poll Round 1, while Screamfeeder make their way into ANCIENT Round 1.

Qualifier C8! Curated by Simon T

MODELS - "I Hear Motion" (YouTube)

SCREAMFEEDER - "Hi Cs" (YouTube)

ROCKET SCIENCE - "Being Followed" (YouTube)

THELMA PLUM - "Better In Blak" (YouTube)

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