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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks II: 5. 21st CENTURY CHRISTMAS – Results!
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We’re back! I was ill over December and into January with a bunch of viral and post-viral maladies which left me bedridden for quite a while and forced me to pare back all organised fun (and writing) to the minimum – basically getting up poll matches before returning to my fainting couch. The League was a sad casualty of this malaise.

But I am – touch wood – a good deal better, so we can restart and get stuck into the final 3 rounds of this season. Which is FINELY POISED, as you’ll see from the results below.

Not that the results of Round 5 were finely poised – far from it. THE SUPERIMPOSERS’ “Chasing Christmas” and Mighty Mark’s “What I Want For CHRISTMAS” were bunched up with the pack but still did enough to get bronze and silver respectively. But NICOLE ATKINS was way out in front with “Every Single Christmas”, a second dominant win in a row for player Mondosalvo!

The results shake up the leaderboard a bit – Joe Kay is now sole leader, but only by a single point ahead of Mondosalvo. Ed Still slips from 1st to 3rd but again, only by one point. Exciting stuff as we get stuck into Round 6, “NOT THAT ONE” (famous titles which aren’t the famous songs).

Round 7 will be a lead in to the Black Pop History Month 1978-1981 poll on Twitter – nominations for which are tomorrow (Sunday 14th) – our players will find 11 more new discoveries from the era for you…

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