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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 4: SHORT SONGS Poll
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This is the Week 4 poll in the League Of Extraordinary Tracks. This week our nominators were instructed to keep it under 2 minutes with a selection of SHORT SONGS. You can hear what they came up with in the playlist post.

Vote for up to FOUR tracks.

Don’t vote for anything you ALREADY KNEW.

League Of Extraordinary Tracks S1E4: SHORT SONGS!

Please pick up to FOUR of these tracks.


Spotify and YouTube playlists in the playlist post.

The poll has expired!

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 4: SHORT SONGS Playlists
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Hey we’re BACK let’s keep this BRIEF it’s SHORT SONGS here are your PLAYLISTS

(The YOUTUBE playlist is preferred as the Outcasts and Young And Sexy tracks may not be on your regional Spotify)

Go vote on these in the POLL POST.


  1. MIRAH – “Gone Sugaring” – from 2000’s You Think It’s Like This But Really It’s Like This
  2. MO TROPER – “I Fall Into Her Arms” – from 2022’s MTV
  3. YOUNG AND SEXY – “Car Bought For A Son” – from 2002’s Stand Up For Your Mother
  4. EMPEROR X – “10,000-Year Earworm to Discourage Resettlement Near Nuclear Waste Repositories (Don’t Change Color, Kitty)” – from the 2014 EP of the same name
  5. PINKPANTHERESS – “Noticed I Cried” – from 2021’s The Hell With It
  6. DJ RUDE ONE ft RXKNEPHEW – “BB Belt” – from 2023’s The ONEderful Nephew mixtape.
  7. FLY ANAKIN – “No Dough (produced by Madlib)” – from 2022’s Frank.
  8. SPOON – “No You’re Not” – from 1998’s A Series Of Sneks
  9. THE OUTCASTS – “1523 Blair” – a 1967 single on Gallant
  10. THE MUSLIMS – “Call The Cops” – from 2020’s Gentrified Chicken
  11. HERIOT – “Near Vision” – a 2021 single on Church Road
  12. NURIA GRAHAM – “Birdman” – from 2023’s Cyclamen.

The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 3: CLOSING TRACKS Results!
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Our third League week is over – as ever I want to thank our players who put their faves up for judgement and our participants who took the time to weigh up that excellent set of album closers (and offer some fine commentary too).

Let’s see who takes away the SPOILS this time:

In third place it’s Puerto Rico’s ILE with her more delicate approach to the art of the album closer. In second place we have that most closerish of closers, GREET DEATH’s 9 minute epic. But the winner is PINKY-ANN-RIHAL and their 1985 Hindi new wave disco smash “Tu Aaja”. Which means a second 12 points for actualee simpson who now has 32 out of a possible 36. Is the competition over before it’s even started? Come back tomorrow for the SHORT SONGS playlists and poll to find out.

Meanwhile our players have their Week 5 orders already – it’s going to be Cover Versions again!


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