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The League Of Extraordinary Tracks 4: SHORT SONGS Results!
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A short playlist and a closely fought poll, with a late charge meaning two players pick up the 12 points this week. As ever, a hearty thankyou to everyone who listened, commented and voted, but especially to the 12 players who are putting their tunes on the chopping block week in week out. Halfway there! Let’s see how things shook out this round:

A single vote was the difference between 3rd and joint-1st place this week – punkers THE MUSLIMS get the bronze. The lead, though, is shared between modern pop favourite PINKPANTHERESS, nominated by ismathers, and singer-songwriter NURIA GRAHAM, picked by League Of Pop juggernaut actualee simpson. At the halfway point he has a 19-point lead but it’s a very closely fought battle for the runners-up place. Let’s see if anything can dent that mighty lead as we head into Cover Versions week…

The Week 6 challenge is a return to 2008. The list of previously nominated tracks from the original 2008 poll is here!

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