We’re down to the last 8 competitors in the A-Sides (on Twitter) and the B-Sides (here!). The winners in these matches enter PollHalla, the pop poll hall of fame, and you have less than a day to make the choices.

I’ve not re-ordered the YT playlist but these tracks are all there, and linked in the matches. And Tenor Saw is starting us off anyway…

…in an all-reggae clash with Sophia George!

1985 Quarter-Final 1: Tenor Saw v Sophia George

TENOR SAW – “Ring The Alarm” (YouTube)

SOPHIA GEORGE – “Girlie Girlie” (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

Our second Quarter-Final puts our last remaining song from the Global bracket, Youssou N’Dour, up against Detroit’s Model 500.

1985 Quarter-Final 2: Youssou N’Dour v Model 500

YOUSSOU N’DOUR – “Ndobine” (YouTube)

MODEL 500 – “Night Drive (Time, Space, Transmat)” (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

Chicago house in QF 3 – it’s Mr Fingers vs Lone Justice

1985 Quarter-Final 3: Mr Fingers v Lone Justice

MR FINGERS – “Mystery Of Love” (YouTube)

LONE JUSTICE – “Ways To Be Wicked” (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

And finally back to dancehall as Wayne “Sleng Teng” Smith goes up against Squirrel “Every subsequent post-rock band” Bait!

1985 Quarter-Final 4: Wayne Smith v Squirrel Bait

WAYNE SMITH – “Under Me Sleng Teng” (YouTube)

SQUIRREL BAIT – “Sun God” (YouTube)

The poll has expired!