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Modern Qualifier 38 – CURATED by Patrick Van D!
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Our second Curated Group today comes from Patrick Van D and I don’t think it’s themed, just a collection of faves!

  1. The final release from the Scottish indie legends (well, before they reformed). A website-only track from 2003, I believe!
  2. Track from the Portland band’s 2004 second album, Fuckin’ A.
  3. The Canadian rockers’ lead single from 2012’s Celebration Rock LP.
  4. From the score for Wayne MacGregor’s AutoBIOgraphy dance performance, released in 2018.
Qualifier M38: CURATED by Patrick Van D

BIS - "Today Of All Days" (YouTube)

THE THERMALS - "How We Know" (YouTube)

JAPANDROIDS - "The House That Heaven Built" (YouTube)

JLIN - "The Abyss Of Doubt" (YouTube)

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