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Modern Qualifier 33 – CURATED by sclv
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This curated group comes from @sclv and the thematic link should be pretty clear from two of the titles!

  1. A track from 2022’s LP Midnights.
  2. DFA remix of the electroclash artist’s 2006 single.
  3. Title track from the Americana artist’s 2012 debut LP.
  4. From the Norwegian singer-songwriter’s 2014 LP When The Morning Comes.
Qualifier M33: CURATED by sclv

TAYLOR SWIFT - "You're On Your Own, Kid" (YouTube)

TIGA - "Far From Home (DFA Remix)" (YouTube)

TIFT MERRITT - "Traveling Alone" (YouTube)

MARIT LARSEN - "Traveling Alone" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 6 – HIGH SKY BOOM LOVER
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  1. The Hippie Sabotage remix of “Habits (Stay High)”, which charted in 2014, a year after the original. This is a Bracket Balancer.
  2. Chart hit from 2020’s Plastic Hearts. This is also a Bracket Balancer!
  3. Charli’s biggest solo hit (I believe!) from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack in 2014. Nominated by The Arn.
  4. Title track of the superstar’s 7th album, from 2019. Nominated by Natalie G.

TOVE LO - "Stay High - Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix)" (YouTube)

MILEY CYRUS - "Midnight Sky" (YouTube)

CHARLI XCX - "Boom Clap" (YouTube)

TAYLOR SWIFT - "Lover" (YouTube)

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