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Great News For All Our Voters
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As you probably know, Elon Musk is threatening to make Twitter polls a subscriber-only feature

As you may also know, we’re launching a dedicated Pop Polls site here at the start of May, as part of a general relaunch of the site with individual ‘homepages’ for Popular, the Polls, and everything else.

But this leaves the current Twitter poll – about 1985 – in a kind of limbo. So we’ll be running the rest of THAT on this site before the relaunch. (If Musk doesn’t fuck polls up we’ll probably just do the B-Sides here)

It’s also an opportunity to try out the poll widget I want to use on “live” polls and users.

One very important thing: these 1985 polls will use the same plug-in, but the look and feel of the actual new site will be a lot smoother, easier for commenting, better on mobile, etc. I fully expect this to be a bit clunky at best as an interim solution, so hopefully you won’t be thinking “OH NOES the polls are doomed!” on the basis of the ’85 stuff.

We’ll be starting off later with the 1985 B-Sides, but first of all I want to make sure people can actually vote, so here’s a 1985 Test poll I made quickly.

So the first question is – can you vote in this? You should be able to if you’re logged in, but not otherwise.

If not, what ID is it asking for? (We want to make it so you can use Twitter ID to login)

If yes, can you vote more than once? (Ideally the answer is NO)


This Poll is active until 20th of April 2023 00:00:00

Test Poll: 1985 Dodgy Sleeve Competition

This poll is just to make sure you can vote in the polls while they're on Freaky Trigger.

Worst sleeve of 1985?

The poll has expired!

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