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Modern Qualifier 33 – CURATED by sclv
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This curated group comes from @sclv and the thematic link should be pretty clear from two of the titles!

  1. A track from 2022’s LP Midnights.
  2. DFA remix of the electroclash artist’s 2006 single.
  3. Title track from the Americana artist’s 2012 debut LP.
  4. From the Norwegian singer-songwriter’s 2014 LP When The Morning Comes.
Qualifier M33: CURATED by sclv

TAYLOR SWIFT - "You're On Your Own, Kid" (YouTube)

TIGA - "Far From Home (DFA Remix)" (YouTube)

TIFT MERRITT - "Traveling Alone" (YouTube)

MARIT LARSEN - "Traveling Alone" (YouTube)

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