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Modern Qualifier 14 – CURATED by perfectdepth
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Here’s a Curated Group by @perfectdepth on Twitter. Its theme – perhaps you have guessed! – is remixes by Superpitcher (and in one case Supermayer, his collaboration with Michael Mayer).

  1. Epic Supermayer mix of a track originally on 2007’s Release The Stars.
  2. From the 12″ of this single from 2005’s Before The Dawn Heals Us.
  3. 2001’s classic indietronica single came with a bunch of remixes – this is one.
  4. From 2002’s Speicher 6 12″ release on Kompakt.
Qualifier M14: CURATED by Perfectdepth!

RUFUS WAINWRIGHT - "Tiergarten (Supermayer Lost In The Tiergarten Remix)" (YouTube)

M83 - "Don't Save Us From The Flames (Superpitcher Remix)" (YouTube)

DNTEL - "(This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt Remix)" (YouTube)

QUARKS - "I Walk (Superpitcher Schaffel Mix)" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 1 – CITY ZERO GIRL SHOUT
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  1. The lead single from the French band’s Hurry Up We’re Dreaming in 2011 – nominated by Charlotte A.
  2. The lead single from the indie rockers’ 2009 LP It’s Blitz – nominated by Arron W.
  3. A heavyweight collab from Royksopp’s 2009 LP Junior – nominated by Al E.
  4. Rounding off our headline group, the title track from the Swedish’ electronic band’s 2006 LP – nominated by Graham M.

M83 - "Midnight City" (YouTube)

YEAH YEAH YEAHS - "Zero" (YouTube)

ROYKSOPP ft ROBYN - "The Girl And The Robot" (YouTube)

THE KNIFE - "Silent Shout" (YouTube)

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The poll has expired!

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