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Curatorfest Qualifier 13! CURATED by David B
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Our final CURATORFEST Qualifier* comes from David B, and it’s a collection of four songs loosely linked by being personal favourites but also by a connection to his recently published memoir, Don’t Mention The Night. Songwriters Kevin Coyne and Nick Drake feature prominently in the book, and the group also features tracks by Gallery 47 and White And Torch

*there will be plenty more Curated Groups in both the Ancient and Modern polls!

RESULTS: Nick Drake romps home and is joined by Kevin Coyne in the ANCIENT poll Round 1.

Qualifier C13! Curated by David B

KEVIN COYNE - "The World Is Full Of Fools" (YouTube)

NICK DRAKE - "Things Behind The Sun" (YouTube)

GALLERY 47 - "Change In The Weather" (YouTube)

WHITE AND TORCH - "Parade" (YouTube)

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The poll has expired!

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