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Modern Qualifier 46 – CURATED by Kat S!
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Our headliner is also today’s only CURATED GROUP by FT’s own Kat Stevens! I don’t know if there’s a theme or simply a unity of vibe, great stuff nonetheless.

  1. Single from the dream-poppers’ 2009 debut Eyelid Movies.
  2. Single from the Norwegian songwriter’s 2015 breakthrough Ten Love Songs.
  3. From the San Francisco based songwriter’s 2010 debut LP Ring.
  4. From the art-pop composer’s 2013 LP Loud City Song.
Qualifier M46: CURATED by Kat S!

PHANTOGRAM - "When I'm Small" (YouTube)

SUSANNE SUNDFOR - "Delirious" (YouTube)

GLASSER - "Mirrorage" (YouTube)

JULIA HOLTER - "Horns Surrounding Me" (YouTube)

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