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Modern Qualifier 5: SHOES GOTH SUN HIPPIE
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  1. The breakout single by Liverpool’s Johnny Boy is from 2004 – a Top 50 smash! It’s nominated by Graham M.
  2. “Adult Goth” is from the Manhattan band’s first 4AD album, 2011’s Eye Contact. Nominated by stabilimentum.
  3. The DFA Records stalwart’s 2014 LP, In A Dream, is where you can find this slow-burning banger. Nominated by idca.
  4. A 2011 single, Cornershop’s foray into kids’ music came with a picture book. It was plucked from my own hippie bag to serve as a Bracket Balancer.

JOHNNY BOY - "You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve" (YouTube)

GANG GANG DANCE - "Adult Goth" (YouTube)

THE JUAN MACLEAN - "The Sun Will Never Set On Our Love" (YouTube)

CORNERSHOP - "What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag?" (YouTube)

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