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Curatorfest Qualifier 2! CURATED by Katie G
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The theme of this qualifier is of course BOATS, put together by Twitter’s Katie G.

Stan Rogers is from 1976 and will enter Round 1 of our ANCIENT poll if he makes it – the rest are all MODERN. “Wolves Of The Sea” is not on the Spotify playlist and is also Latvia’s 2008 entry for Eurovision!

RESULTS: Stan Rogers does indeed enter ANCIENT Round 1. Little Big Town sneaks into MODERN Round 1 by a single vote!

Qualifier C2! Curated by Katie G

STAN ROGERS - "Barrett's Privateers" (YouTube)

HEATHER DALE - "The Prydwen Sails Again" (YouTube)

LITTLE BIG TOWN - "Pontoon" (YouTube)

PIRATES OF THE SEA - "Wolves Of The Sea" (YouTube)

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The poll has expired!

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