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Curatorfest Qualifier 12! CURATED by thedesertpope
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The penultimate CURATORFEST group is from Twitter’s @thedesertpope with four unthemed artists – so far as I know. City pop from Kaoru Akimoto, New Wave pop from the Waitresses, modern dancepop from Confidence Man and indiepop from 2021 Golden Beat Winners Ginger Root! FUN FACT: This is the only one of the 13 curated groups in this preliminary round to have an even split of Ancient (20th Century) and Modern (21st Century) tracks.

RESULTS: The Waitresses’ place in ANCIENT Round 1 was never under threat. They’re joined by Kaoru Akimoto, who pulled ahead of Confidence Man in the closing hours.

Qualifier C12! Curated by thedesertpope

KAORU AKIMOTO - "Wagamama Na High Heel" (YouTube)

THE WAITRESSES - "No Guilt" (YouTube)

CONFIDENCE MAN - "Better Sit Down Boy" (YouTube)

GINGER ROOT - "Loneliness" (YouTube)

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