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Modern Qualifier 37 – CURATED by Dan C!
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A Curated Group by Dan C aka @dc_goblue on Twitter. Can you guess its theme?

  1. From the late Memphis rapper’s 2011 mixtape, High Class Street Music.
  2. The Atlanta MC’s breakthrough single from 2006’s Best Thang Smokin’.
  3. Commercial debut and breakthrough single for another Atlanta star, from 2014.
  4. The Nashville rapper included this on his 2007 Buck The World LP.
Qualifier M37: CURATED by Dan C

YOUNG DOLPH - "Preach" (YouTube)

YOUNG DRO - "Shoulder Lean" (YouTube)

YOUNG THUG - "Stoner" (YouTube)

YOUNG BUCK - "Get Buck" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 38 – CURATED by Patrick Van D!
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Our second Curated Group today comes from Patrick Van D and I don’t think it’s themed, just a collection of faves!

  1. The final release from the Scottish indie legends (well, before they reformed). A website-only track from 2003, I believe!
  2. Track from the Portland band’s 2004 second album, Fuckin’ A.
  3. The Canadian rockers’ lead single from 2012’s Celebration Rock LP.
  4. From the score for Wayne MacGregor’s AutoBIOgraphy dance performance, released in 2018.
Qualifier M38: CURATED by Patrick Van D

BIS - "Today Of All Days" (YouTube)

THE THERMALS - "How We Know" (YouTube)

JAPANDROIDS - "The House That Heaven Built" (YouTube)

JLIN - "The Abyss Of Doubt" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 32 – CURATED by BaltimoreJacks
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Shhhhh, it’s a Curated Group by @baltimorejacks!

  1. From DJ Shadow’s 2016 LP The Mountain Will Fall.
  2. From El Alfa “El Jefe”‘s 2021 collection El Androide.
  3. Track from the London band’s 2013 debut Silence Yourself.
  4. From the Florida band’s 2014 LP The Moon Rang Like A Bell.
Qualifier M32: CURATED by BaltimoreJacks

DJ SHADOW & RUN THE JEWELS - "Nobody Speak" (YouTube)


SAVAGES - "Shut Up" (YouTube)

HUNDRED WATERS - "Murmurs" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 33 – CURATED by sclv
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This curated group comes from @sclv and the thematic link should be pretty clear from two of the titles!

  1. A track from 2022’s LP Midnights.
  2. DFA remix of the electroclash artist’s 2006 single.
  3. Title track from the Americana artist’s 2012 debut LP.
  4. From the Norwegian singer-songwriter’s 2014 LP When The Morning Comes.
Qualifier M33: CURATED by sclv

TAYLOR SWIFT - "You're On Your Own, Kid" (YouTube)

TIGA - "Far From Home (DFA Remix)" (YouTube)

TIFT MERRITT - "Traveling Alone" (YouTube)

MARIT LARSEN - "Traveling Alone" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 23 – CURATED by Dan B
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First of today’s Curated Groups comes from Dan B – it’s a terrific collection of recent dance/electronic tracks, if there’s a wider theme I’ll let him elaborate!

  1. Techno remix of the Manchester outfit’s 2021 track.
  2. A 2022 track from the Italian DJ/Producer, on Factory 93 Records.
  3. A 2021 collaboration between the French twin sisters and the Coventry rapper.
  4. From the EDM duo’s 2022 LP Wet Tennis.
Qualifier M23: CURATED by Dan B

MANDY, INDIANA - "Alien 3 (Daniel Avery Remix)" (YouTube)

ANFISA LETYAGO - "Rosso Profondo" (YouTube)

IBEYI ft PA SALIEU - "Made Of Gold" (YouTube)

SOFI TUKKER ft TUCK'S DAD - "Larry Bird" (YouTube)

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Modern Qualifier 24 – CURATED by George O
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It’s a Curated Group – this one’s from George O, they’re chronologically pretty tight but I don’t think there’s a particular theme, it’s a great group though.

  1. From the UK indie rockers’ self-titled 2018 debut. Stands for “Fuck U Up”
  2. The closing track from her 2018 LP Record.
  3. From the Spanish indie poppers’ 2019 Agosto 7″ on Elefant Records.
  4. A track from Could It Be Different?, the Scottish band’s final LP from 2018.
Qualifier M24 - CURATED by George O!


TRACEY THORN - "Dancefloor" (YouTube)

LINDA GUILALA - "Salga Bien" (YouTube)

THE SPOOK SCHOOL - "Keep In Touch" (YouTube)

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