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Modern Qualifier 7 – CURATED by Mitchell S
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This curated group comes from Mitchell S who writes The Run Out Grooves, a newsletter about the closing tracks of LPs. That is not the theme of this group, which is an all-2010s transmission from a parallel poll universe where we did the 5 Letter Words Wordle Cup.

  1. Single from 2012’s The Haunted Man LP, the English singer-songwriter-producer’s third.
  2. Quasi-title track from the modern post-punkers’ 2nd album, 2016’s Adore Life.
  3. From St Vincent’s 3rd LP, 2011’s highly-acclaimed Strange Mercy.
  4. Opening track to the dream-poppers’ 2010 LP Teen Dream
Qualifier M7: CURATED by Mitchell S!

BAT FOR LASHES - "Laura" (YouTube)

SAVAGES - "Adore" (YouTube)

ST VINCENT - "Cruel" (YouTube)

BEACH HOUSE - "Zebra" (YouTube)

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The poll has expired!

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