Our first actual on-site polls (I hope they work!)

These are our B-Side matches – lesser-known tracks put under the spotlight. Four head-to-heads with 12 more to come, assuming these function as planned.

First off, Detroit proto-techno from MODEL 500 vs Monsoon’s SHEILA CHANDRA

1985 B-Sides Round 2 Match 1: Model 500 v Sheila Chandra

Model 500 - Time Space Transmat Sheila Chandra - Strange Minaret

MODEL 500 - "Time, Space, Transmat" (YouTube)

SHEILA CHANDRA - "Strange Minaret" (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

Then it’s an industrial v hair metal clash – COIL v RATT

1985 B-Sides Round 2 Match 2: Coil v RATT

COIL - "Tainted Love" (YouTube)

RATT- "Lay It Down" (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

Dancehall don TENOR SAW is up against alternative pop songwriter MARTI JONES

1985 B-Sides Round 2 Match 3: Tenor Saw v Marti Jones

TENOR SAW - "Ring The Alarm" (YouTube)

MARTI JONES - "Lonely Is As Lonely Does" (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

And finally a brutal indie-on-indie match between WORLD DOMINATION ENTERPRISES and THE LOFT

1985 B-Sides Round 2 Match 4: World Domination Enterprises v The Loft

WORLD DOMINATION ENTERPRISES - "Asbestos Lead Asbestos" (YouTube)

THE LOFT - "Up The Hill And Down The Slope" (YouTube)

The poll has expired!

I’ll be advertising this secret den of polling violence on Twitter too, comment there or here – ultimately I want comments to mostly move here though, but it’ll be much easier once we do Twitter integration on the new site.