The WORLD CUP OF 1985 will be happening next month, and the plan is that it’ll mark the moment when we FLEE the Musk-ridden cesspoll of Twitter and instead make peoples-pop dot com our polling home.

Most of the nominations will be on Twitter today but if you are an ex Twitter user keen to rejoin the polls once we move, and want to nominate, this is the thread for you. (If you are still on Twitter, ignore this and nominate there as usual please!)

If you don’t know anything about our pop polling ways, these guidelines should fill you in nicely. If you’re a veteran, nothing’s changed – 4 nominations and you’re guaranteed to get one as your main pick.

Pop poll people who are on Mastodon – feel free to tell your tusk site pals about this too.

EDIT: Nominations are now CLOSED and here’s the finished list, from Zazou Bikaye to the 1985 Chicago Bears.